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Barbie is a very popular icon for girls in our society and she is marketed in many ways. They donít all pertain to playing with dolls though as many of them are in the form of games. One of the early games that young girls play is memory. This is a game where there are various cards that are turned upside down. You have to find matches and remember where you saw others so you can get the most pairs. This particular Barbie game is fun to play and very popular.

The internet is a common place for playing Barbie games. She has her own website with cool designs and games. You can paint her nails, do a fashion show, find pictures, read, and find out about various types of Barbie activities. You can give Barbie a make over online, play with virtual paper dolls, and even decorate her house just the way you want it to be.

There are games for various age levels so help your child to find those that will be a good match for them. It is free to sign up for a membership at the Barbie website to access these games. Parents are asked to authorize it though so they know where their child is exploring online.

These days just about anything you can imagine is a type of video game. There are some of Barbie too for handheld game systems and for home gaming consoles. The two most popular ones are the fashion show and the horse riding. Many parents approve of the Barbie video games because they arenít violent in nature. Most of them are less expensive than other video games too.

If you know a girl that loves Barbie, getting her a game can be a great gift. Make sure you look at the rules of the game and the age guidelines. This way you can choose one that is going to be fun for them and not too difficult. You also donít want to get them a Barbie game that they are too old for. Most toy stores have a great selection of these types of Barbie games. You can also buy them online.

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