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Barbie Dolls Vs. Bratz Dolls Controversy
By Victor Epand
Barbie vs. Bratz is a controversy that seems to grow more and more each day. There are a lot of mixed emotions about both dolls. Well, it may be time for the super slim superwoman of sorts to retire and make room for the new dolls in town. The Bratz are more realistically designed so that each doll is a different shape and size. They aren't all airbrush material that gives girls idealistic goals of what to live up to.

The question of which doll is better for kids is pretty much up to the parents of the child. There are some things that should be considered when deciding which one to give a small child.

The Bratz dolls are all about fashion and so are the majority of kids nowadays thanks to the media and society. Yes, Barbie was in fashion as well but not as much. The Bratz are more focused on teen fashion. There are some elementary school kids who can give you the fashion news before they can name Barbie's sister or one thing they did.

Bratz conveys more to the fashion oriented world we're trapped in. They are regular teenagers that are into all the hottest trends. Kids and teens today want to be with the "in crowd". The popularity of the Bratz is due in part to trendy clothes that reflect the continuous changes in style.

The fact the Bratz dolls are all different shapes should teach the girls that there's nothing wrong with being different and that there is no standard they have to live up to in order to please someone else. Those girls are friends no matter what and that is a good lesson for young people to learn. Working out problems instead of giving up on someone or something when times get hard is a good example for kids.

Barbie has a more varied background. She has done almost everything under the sun and is very slim. There are some that will argue that Barbie is to thin and too perfect looking. Barbie dolls help to send out a naive image for girls today. Granted, Barbie seems to have done everything in the world; quite an accomplishment for a plastic doll.

Barbie needs to step aside and let the Bratz dolls take her place. They may not be managing to have ten careers in a lifetime that last forever but they are making young girls feel good to be themselves.

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